Monitor O365 with SCOM 3 (3 of 4)

Squared Up is a rich dashboard solution for System Center Operations Manager.

From health state information, over performance data, alerts, SLA-reporting and agent – tasks all can be consumed.

The Visualization Layer

By providing great visualizations, interactive drill downs and many interfaces it helps to engage application owners, help desk, sysadmins, developers and even business aka end-users.

Direct integrations for REST-APIs, MS-SQL, Visio Layouts, Graphics, Websites, Azure – AppInsights, Azure – Log Analytics, Service Now and native HTML 5 support converts it to a central monitoring cockpit – “one pane of glass”.

Building dashboards is a very intuitive either via Drag & Drop or for advanced users by editing JSON within the browser directly.

Beside the excellent support for customers, and a forum offers a place for asking questions around SCOM, Azure Monitor and Squared Up itself of cause.

Squared Up & NiCE

Below, a few screenshots taken from customers’ environment. It uses NiCE’ starter dashboards.

M365 Service Availability and Alerts
M365 Service – End User Performance

Squared Up – More examples

To have a better idea what else can be done with proper dashboards a few more examples:

MS SQL Server 2014 as overview with Top N statistics in dark theme.
Dashboards for key users and an application specialists bringing Devices with IT in relation.
Another dashboards providing Application layer information and Server KPIs together.

Good to know

Note: By the time of writing, the Squared Up for SCOM is version 4.8.1 which was released in  October 2020.

Start by watching a few videos on Squared Ups Youtube channel: 

Once you have some idea, download the free trial and install it with a few clicks.